Wednesday, April 21, 2010

World's Largest Collection of Air Sickness Bags

Niek Vermeulen from the Netherlands has one of the strangest hobbies imaginable - he collects air sickness bags.

Niek has held the world record for the largest collection of air sickness bags since 1986. At the time of setting the world record for the largest collection of air sickness bags in March 2008 his collection included 5468 bags from more than 1066 different airlines.

Niek Vermeulen - Guinness World Record Holder for the largest collection of air sickness bagsNiek, a marketing and investment consultant, got the idea of collecting airsickness bags (also known as barf bags, sick sacks, airsick bags, motion sickness bags) in response to a bet with a friend to create a new world record by collecting the most of any one item.

Parts of the aeroplane sickness bag collection which he has been collecting since the 1970's is on display in the Guinness Museums in Orlando and Las Vegas and in the Openluchtmuseum Arnheim. One of the most prized items in his collection is an airsickness bag from the NASA space shuttle Columbia which spent 16 days in space.

Not content with collecting just airplane sickness bags Niek also has a large collection of airline playing cards which is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands and most likely one of the 10 largest collections in the world.

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